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HR Group of Hotels

Looking for hotels in Rajasthan ?

Looking for hotels in Rajasthan India, then we are here for you. Contact us for any hotel booking queries.
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Hotel Facilities

Book your stay at our hotel, a premium destination with modern rooms and suites,
Exclusive access to your own private and common pool in our hotels
Complimentary parking is available at our Hotels.
If you want to find accommodation that serves free breakfast, you've come to the right place.
Enjoy an easy transfer to hotel in the air-conditioned comfort of a private car.
HR Group of Hotels

Hotel Services & Facilities


With efficient transport facilities such as shuttle services,
guests can easily travel to and from the hotel.

Food & Beverage Hotel Facilities

Meals at a hotel restaurant are often the high spot of a guest’s stay.
Hotel bars are also vital, providing guests with a space to interact and relax.

Play Ground & Swimming Pool

Playgrounds provide great entertainment
for guests and their families.
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